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About Us

Indentech an acronym of India Enforcing Technology.
We are a startup tend to provide quality Technical Education and IT Enabled Services in India & the World. It all started with three friends having a call, discussing about the education, atmosphere and IT industry in India ended up forming a plan to start a movement, a startup, to literate people with enough technical knowledge, that one can at least make use of it, in this rapidly changing technology driven era and make good out of it. The growing number of cyber crime, data stealing and other technical truths have a direct connection with technical knowledge one have. This doesn't mean everyone should know coding but at least some amount of technical knowledge is required. #AgitateIsComing

Technical Education

We are here to provide quality of Technical Education to every individual who belives in making the world a better place with the help of technology. We at Indentech strive to provide industry standard technical knowledge, certifications and more. We provide air to the spark that can turn into tech-fire and burn down the problems in the world. We are willing to give students the best they can get and in the language they understand, they can learn, it can be marathi/ hindi/ english. #CutTheLanguageBarrier

IT Enabled Services

Tech Consultation
Software Development
Maintenance & Support